Weaving Equipment Loan Program


Oakland Fiber is committed to making weaving accessible for everyone

Here at the studio, we have four- and eight- shaft jack, counterbalance, and countermarch looms of weaving widths up to 45”. We also have a large tapestry loom, small tapestry looms, and rigid heddle looms. You are invited to rent equipment to weave at your own home or to weave here at the studio. The only requirement is that you already know how to use the equipment.

Consider renting weaving equipment from Oakland Fiber if you:

  • are on the fence about purchasing a loom or undecided about what type of loom to get.

  • don’t have the space for all the equipment and want to weave at the Oakland Fiber studio.

  • want to weave only once or twice.

Inquire by contacting us below.

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